A fun, simple Facebook guessing game. Log in with Facebook, and we show you a few clues about one of your friends. You have three tries to guess who it is -- more points for using fewer guesses, and less time! Win multiple games in a row for combo bonuses, but if you're wrong, we provide a link to your "friend"s profile and gently suggest that maybe you should unfriend them...

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

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Using the Facebook API, we present profile photos of some of your friends, as well as three hints about one of them. We do this by aggregating a variety of different types of information, and only select friends for which we have sufficient data (for example, friends with completely private or sparse profiles are not selected).


Scores are stored and retrieved by using AJAX calls to a PHP script connected to a MySQL database. Within a week of releasing this game to our friends, the game was played over 1000 times... right in the middle of finals season. I apologize for any grades that suffered as a result...